Priorities Matter

This has been on my mind a long time so I will share it with you. I am concerned about how many bloggers promote a lazy lifestyle for homekeepers these days.

There is certainly merit in the idea that relationships and raising children in a godly way is more important than a clean and organized home. I mean, who would say that relationships are of less importance than homemaking? No one in their right mind.

But many bloggers have gone to the extreme and openly brag and boast about how sloppy, messy unorganized they and their housekeeping are. Maybe that’s their way of trying to make women who are struggling feel a little better about themselves, I don’t know. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

But you’re not going to find that method at CHK. If you struggle, let me assure you that you are in good company here. I want to encourage you, even if you struggle, to aim higher in all areas of your life but not be ruled or tied to any amount of perfectionism.

What I hope you will find here is encouragement to do better in all areas. Relationships, budgeting, cleaning, organizing, Bible study … none of us can do it all perfectly and that’s not the goal. The goal is to do *our* best for our families and for our LORD.

When we do our best, and try to make our homes and relationships better, we honor the LORD. When we sit down and put up our feet, figuratively, and refuse to push on to excellence, we are dropping out of the journey God has given us.

I am not telling you that you’re failing if you’re not perfect in your homemaking or relationship efforts. I am telling you that where ever you are in life, you can aim higher. Don’t sit back and be lazy. You only fail if you stop moving forward.

About Sylvia

Sylvia Britton is the owner of the Christian HomeKeeper website and ministry and began the ministry in 1997 when her husband brought home their first PC. She and her husband Mark live in Tennessee and are the parents of 5 grown children and grandparents to five so far. They homeschooled their five children from 1991 to 2016. Sylvia is a Christian and worship leader in her local Church. You can follow her on Facebook or consider joining her Facebook Group called Christian Homekeepers and Like her official CHK Page on Facebook.
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One Response to Priorities Matter

  1. Nancy Libby says:

    Thank you! This is spot on. Working our best as working for the Lord. OUR best. Sometimes that means a dirty floor beacause something else needed to happen. Doing our best and giving ourselves grace when it’s not perfect. Striving for the best we can be in all things we do as a way of glorifying God.