Sometimes saying “NO” is a revolutionary act.  

Michael Bunker has written a new book called W1CK.  It is a stand-alone prequel to the book he wrote last year entitled, The Last Pilgrims.   W1CK is available on Kindle but you don’t have to have a Kindle reader to read it. You can download the Amazon Cloud Reader and read it on your computer.

I just finished reading W1CK and really enjoyed it. I was given a free kindle copy of it so that I could review it, but I am not required to give a positive review of the book.  After reading the author’s other work of fiction, The Last Pilgrims, I knew to expect something good. I was not disappointed and rather pleased at both the original story-line and the rich detail of the descriptions and narrative of the stand-alone pre-quel to The Last pilgrimsW1CK.

I guess I should first tell you that I am not a lover of fiction. I rarely read fiction.  But I’ve been eagerly anticipating Michael Bunker’s newest book, W1CK ever since it was announced that he was working on it.

W1CK and the main character in it, Clay Richter, are imprinted on my mind forever. I know when I start to “see” the characters and events in a book that its a good one. This book played out in my mind nearly like a movie. Clay’s wife and daughters are killed in a car wreck and he has been living in New York city ever since. But now as hurricane Sandy takes it toll he decides to go back upstate and live in his farm house. He takes off on foot, without a cell phone and while he journeys you feel as though you are seeing the world through his eyes. You can see what a sham the modern world is you understand his urgency to get home.

The author’s descriptions of nature and every day events are lush and add so much to the story. Simple ideas about survival and being outdoors in inclement weather suddenly pop out at you and you find yourself making plans for your own bug out bag! But don’t be thinking that this is a prepper story, its not.

The main character gets in some spots that really challenge his knowledge and his faith. But don’t be thinking this is a religious story, its not. Clay Richter is a man who has finally woken up to what is happening in his world. Its just coincidence that the same things are happening in our own world. Isn’t it?

Get W1CK for kindle.


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