Spring Cleaning ~ The Bathroom and Checklist

Here are instructions for Deep Cleaning your bathroom. You can print out my free Spring Cleaning Checklist that goes with these instructions here:

We have a typical one-holer here. Even if you have a bigger bathroom, this is one of the most difficult rooms  in the house to keep clean, simply because it has so much traffic! Things tend to fall apart and need repair in the bathroom quite a bit too, especially if you have a large family. And I do.

The first thing I do is pick up all the clutter and junk. Here are some tips for decluttering the bathroom:

Go through all the bottles of lotions and potions and throw away old, unusable items. Combine bottles of stuff when you can. Get rid of all the old razors, toothbrushes ( though a few could go to use in the cleaning bucket), hairbrushes, small appliances past their usefulness, etc, etc.

Next, pull all the linens out of the closet. Go through them and sort. You don’t really need 6 sets of sheets for each bed, now do you? I have two sets per bed. That gives me one for the bed and one to wash and put away…and a whole lot more space to store linens.

Here’s a tip for folding sheets: If you must have several sets of sheets try this. Fold the flat sheet and the fitted sheet as small as you can, without bunching them up. Stack them. Fold the pillowcases and lay on top of the stack. Tie each stack up with some grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon is sturdy, keeps the set together, and looks kind of nice when anyone takes a peek into the linen closet.  You can tie up towels like this to give as a gift for wedding showers. Or you can of course put all the sheets down inside one pillowcase and store them. Mine never look as nice as this picture from Marthastewart.com but it does help with storage and keeping the linen closet a little more orderly.



Fold towels in thirds

Here’s an idea for folding towels: If your closet is small, to get the most towels in the closet you can without crowding and everything spilling out, fold your towels in thirds. Fold the towel in half, width-wise first, then in half again, then in thirds.

Next, I clean out all the other cabinets, drawers, shelves and storage areas. I get rid of stuff we don’t use, wipe down bottles and packages, wash out the storage areas themselves, then put everything things back. You might be interested in making some scented drawer liners for your cabinets and closets.

Finally, I take up the rug, take it outside and give it a good shake or launder it if needed. Now I really get busy cleaning.

Now that the room is ready for cleaning, I start by cleaning the ceiling and walls.
If the ceiling just needs dusting, I pin a clean towel over the broom and sweep the ceiling. If it needs a real cleaning, you’ll need to stand on something sturdy and clean it using a cloth and mild soap. Be careful not to fall!

I use my natural cleaner. If you have drywall or papered walls start at the bottom of the wall near the floor and work up. This is especially important if you have dry wall so you won’t leave streaks. Not so important if you have tile.

Clean the windows, mirrors, doors and shower door next. Then clean window frames and door frames.

Move to the sink and cabinets next.

Now clean the floor and baseboards.

Clean the bathtub next and the sink.
While you are  cleaning the bathtub, be sure to clean the faucets and shower head.  If the shower head is plugged up with hard water deposits, remove it and use some vinegar to soak the head in and then replace it on the shower.

Clean the outside of the commode. Raise the lid and clean all around the ring.  Lift the tank lid and clean the wall behind it.  Be sure to clean the base of the commode and lift off the plastic or ceramic bolt covers to clean them and clean under them.  Odor causing bacteria can form there.
Now clean inside the commode using a scrubbie or scotch-brite that you have set aside for cleaning the bathroom.  Wipe down with a cloth.

Finally, clean your mirror and window with some glass cleaner or vinegar. For a final touch, light a candle and put down a nice clean rug.  You’re all done!

To keep your bathroom clean through the week, try using my helpful  Bathroom Cleaning System.


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  1. love the outhouse. i rescued one that was going to be knocked over and just covered up to make room for a new development. but sadly had to leave it when we downsized to a condo.

  2. Louise says:

    Another idea for putting away sheet sets is folding everything neatly and slipping the sheets into the set’s pillow case. This also prevents sheet sets from getting mixed up and separate.

  3. The Bathroom? Really? Are YOU sure? Do I sound like I’m coming kicking and screaming? LOL!
    Alrighty then! Here I go.
    Oh and by the way, I’ve been absent because I changed emails and was having a hard time switching everything that I subscribed to but I found you again and I’m so glad!!!! Okay enough chit chat, I’m going to go scrub a toilet or something. 🙂