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Welcome to the  Question and Answer feature at CHK. You can ask questions and I will do my best to answer you. Your questions about scripture, Christian life and principles of Christian living, homemaking and child-rearing are all welcome.

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Over the years I have answered questions via email about things like ghosts, baptism, gifts of the Spirit, Church going, submission, angels, dress-wearing and questions in the domestic arena about homemaking, sewing, disciplining children and marriage.

My heart is in helping women grow closer to God and to offer encouragement and help where ever I can be used. With my life experiences behind me for God to use, I hope to continue to obey God’s mandate to teach women according to Titus 2:3-5. I would love to talk with you and point you toward scripture and scriptural principles and then together we can find some answers to your questions.

Please submit your questions via the form below. I will prayerfully offer an answer to your question and then keep both the question and the answer in a knowledge bank that I can refer to later when the same question is asked or in Bible studies.

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