Homemade Ranch Dressing


My whole family loves this stuff.  Do your children eat Ranch on everything like mine do?  Then this is something you should think about making.

The Worcestershire sauce makes the dressing look kind of ivory in color, not pure white like bottled dressing but it sure does add to the flavor so don’t leave it out.

As soon as the chives and dill started growing I had to make some of this dressing.  It will keep in the frig about 1 week. Some recipes for Ranch have onion powder in them, I have found that the chives have just enough onion-y flavor.

Homemade Ranch Dressing

1 clove garlic – smashed, then rubbed on the cutting board with 1/4 teaspoon of coarse salt
1 cup real mayonnaise – you can use homemade!
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup Italian flat-leaf parsley leaves, minced – don’t use the curly parsley, its just not the same.
2 tablespoons fresh dill, minced
1 tablespoon minced fresh chives
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon white vinegar
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Dash hot sauce
1/4 to 1/2 cup buttermilk (as needed for desired consistency)

Whisk together all ingredients in a small bowl. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour before serving or overnight. I store this dressing in a mason jar with a lid.

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New Article in Molly Green Magazine


bunker 2


I’ve got a new article in Molly Green Magazine. Its an interview with homesteader and author Michael Bunker.

Here is a link where you can read Molly Green online, otherwise you can pick one up in a store near you!
Michael Bunker: His Plain Homestead

bunker 1 bunker 2

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Free eBook – Homekeeping Lists For The Chronically Ill and Disabled

homekeeping lists for the chronically ill and disabled cover

My Homekeeping Lists for the Chronically Ill and Disabled are now free! Please feel free to share the link to the ebooks with your friends.

Click here to download the eBook.

You’ll need a PDF Reader for viewing. For PC, two FREE PDF readers are: Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader. For Mac, use Preview to view the PDF.

If you have any trouble with the download, please use our contact form to let us know.

Copyright Notice: All content of the Homekeeping Lists for the Chronically Ill and Disabled is copyright protected by the Christian HomeKeeper Ministry ™. You may print one copy for your own personal use for reading; but you may not copy, reproduce or use the content in any form online, or offline, for any other purpose without express prior written permission from Christian HomeKeeper™ ministry.

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Spring Cleaning eBook

My Spring Cleaning eBook is just what you need to get busy cleaning your home.  springcleaningebookscrreenshot

Each year at CHK, we offer a comprehensive De-Cluttering and Organizing series including daily to-do lists for our annual Spring Cleaning Event. In 2009, we took all our Spring Cleaning posts and printables and combined them into an eBook… for you! We hope this eBook will help you accomplish your Spring Cleaning goals, no matter when you set out to do them. –Sylvia

The CHK Spring Cleaning eBook includes:

  • Instructions for detailed de-cluttering and cleaning of each major area in the house.
  • Spring Cleaning Printables to help you organize your thoughts and tasks.
  • Encouragement to help you get through the Spring Cleaning tasks.
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Spring Cleaning Posts


This is where I will list all our Spring Cleaning Posts so you can see at a glance where we are and what we have accomplished.


Spring Cleaning Printables
Suggested Cleaning List For You To Build On
Natural Cleaners and Disinfectants That You Can Make At Home
Spring Cleaning Lists For The Chronically Ill or  Disabled with links to the series

Spring Cleaning Instructions:

Spring Cleaning in The dining Room/Eating Area
De-Cluttering In The Kitchen
Spring Cleaning In The Kitchen
De-Cluttering and Organizing the Bathroom
Spring Cleaning The Bathroom
De-Cluttering the Master Bedroom
Spring Cleaning The Master Bedroom
De-Cluttering The Living Room
Spring Cleaning In The Living Room

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Spring Cleaning In The Bathroom


The master bath or family bath, children’s bath or guest bath….matters not to me. Which ever one needs your attention the most. We just have one so I guess that’s where I’ll be cleaning today!

My friend Linda coined the term “Bleach-Wear” in one of our Spring Cleaning discussions at CHK . So don your bleach wear and let’s get busy in the bathroom. At least wear some socks so you won’t track up the floor when you’re washing it.

This is one room where you will really use those natural cleaners you’ve been making!

First Things:
Pick up the room. Take out all dirty laundry and towels.

Take down the shower curtain. Put the plastic one in to wash.

Wash the cloth one if you have one. (Remember what I said earlier in the week about taking care to read your labels and only wash things that are supposed to be washed.)

Take down curtains. Prepare them to wash or just air them outside.

Take out the trash, fill the trash can with cleaner and water to soak of needed, if not give it a quick rinse and set it outside to air while you clean.

Second Things:
Get yourself a box or basket. Pick up all the nicnacs, soaps, lotions, etc that are sitting on the counter-top and tub, put them in the basket.

Sweep the floor, shake out rugs and take them to the laundry or air outside.

Use your natural cleaner and spray the tub and sink and commode to let it sit a while.

If you use commode cleaner of some kind, go ahead and put some in the commode to let it soak. A good natural cleaner for the commode is borax.

Pull everything out of the linen closet and under the sink area. Go through it carefully and throw away what is out of date or old or unused. Find yourself some storage containers like baskets or small plastic trays to keep your bathroom items in. Try using a medium sized basket to put blow-dryers, curling irons, etc, in.

Take everything out of the medicine cabinet too and go through it ruthlessly! Throw stuff away that is expired and truly useless.

Put your linens out on the dining room table while you work.

Make yourself a sink of hot soapy water or hot water with your cleaner of choice in it. Get your rags ready.

Now the Nitty Gritty Cleaning!

Wash the inside of the cabinets and shelves in the linen closet. This is a good time to line them! Don’t forget the floor of the closet. Refold the linens and replace them in the closet. Consider spraying them with some nice lavender water or other light scent.

Wash out the medicine cabinet.

Wash down walls and window frames, door frames and tile if you have it.

Take down blinds if they are dirty and soak them in the tub in warm water and dish soap while you clean.

Wash the ceiling if it needs it.

Wash the walls. Use caution if your walls are papered or painted, be gentle.

Wash the baseboards or the area where the floor and wall meet.

Scrub the tub if you’re not using it to soak the blinds. If you are, just wait on this. A scotch brite is great for cleaning the tub if your tub is not resurfaced porcelain.

Scrub the counter tops, commode tank and outside of the commode.

Scrub the floor.

Scrub the shower. Don’t forget the walls of the shower or tub area.

Change your wash water if needed.

Scrub your blinds with a brush, rinse them and take them outside to dry while you clean the tub, inside and out.

Wash the windows and mirrors using glass cleaner.

Wipe down shelves and inside cabinets, cabinet tops.

Wash the sink.

If you are going to disinfect, this is the time to do it. If you’ve been using a disinfectant cleaner, you can skip this part. If you have been using a cleaner that does not disinfect, you can use rubbing alcohol or one of the antibacterial sprays.

I periodically use bleach all over my floor because I have tile with grout that gets yellowed. I open the window and pour bleach over the grout, spread it with my sponge mop, close the door and let it sit for about 20 minutes.
Then I go in and mop it up with water and dry it with a towel.

Here is a tip about getting rid of mold from this web site:
The Good Human

“You can use Borax and white vinegar to make a spray that you can aim directly at the mold in the tub or shower. Once you spray it, leave it to sit for 30-60 minutes and then go back in and wipe it off. Presto, the mold will start coming off and you did not have to inhale toxic chemicals to do so. Just mix about 2 ounces of Borax and a cup of white vinegar and you are ready to go.

As a back up and a maintenance tip, you can also periodically spray the moldy “areas” with straight vinegar and just let it sit there and soak in. The vinegar will kill the mold that might be growing and it will halt the growth of new mold.”

Please be careful if you use bleach.. Don’t let me hear that you have mixed bleach with other household chemicals and cleaners!

Get your rugs washed and dried and back in the room.

Replace your nicnacs and notions, lotions, potions. Wash the bottles with a cleaning rag before putting them up.

Rehang the shower curtains, rehang window curtains.

Light a candle and just look at that clean bathroom!

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Be This Woman

Be this woman ……


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“I Know What The Bible Says … But ……”

An older post that I brought forward today. Its a good reminder for all of us.

Thousands and thousands of women have passed through the message boards and web site of Christian HomeKeeper since 1996. Thousands of women have come here with difficulties and problems, issues and situations for which they have asked prayer and godly advice.

CHK isn’t a Church, but it is a ministry, run by Christians, devoted to teaching women as God has commanded the older women to do. Because we are walking in service to God, He has always provided an ample number of godly mentors to help the women He brings to us.

When a woman joins a Christian group which has as its stated purpose to teach and instruct women in the spirit of Titus 2 and Proverbs 31, she knows that when she asks for advice, the advice will be from scripture first and then from personal experience in light of those scriptures. That’s what we do at CHK. But not every woman is willing or able to accept scripture as the answer for her situation. You probably know women who will not or cannot accept hard scriptural advice.

Scripture is never wrong or sinful but as sinners we sometimes tend to apply scripture to our lives in a way that will exalt our selves or put our selves in the best light. We really do care about ourselves and most of the time we are perfectly satisfied to manipulate scripture to suit ourselves instead of prayerfully asking God to apply the scripture to our lives and situations. We just don’t like to be wrong or corrected.

That is what I mean by hard scriptural advice, not that what scripture tells us is hard, but the laying down of our self and our pride in order to be able to obey the Word is difficult. For some reason it is very easy for us to think that surely the Bible isn’t speaking to our situation, that surely God doesn’t mean me.

When a Christian woman does this, when she manipulates scripture in this way, she is neither honoring God nor being honest with herself. She is succumbing to the temptation to exalt self over God. And though a Christian woman would never speak these words aloud to her God, she is saying to God, “It doesn’t really matter what you want, you don’t understand my situation, I know what I need and it isn’t this.”

When a Christian woman rejects the Word of God, as God desires to apply it, she is sinning by putting her relationship with God aside and lifting up herself over Jesus. I have heard these words or similar ones too many time to count over the past years: “I know what the Bible says, but…….”. Our thoughts should instead be, “I know what the Bible says, so now I must apply it to myself and my situation”.

God gives us many ways to receive His Word and to receive correction and instruction. Most commonly Christian hear Him speak through the written Word, in the voice of the Holy Spirit, through circumstances and through other believers. In women’s ministries, it is usually through the wisdom and experience of older women mentors within the light of the Word that God makes His will known. God rarely offers correction to us Himself except through reading His Word, but He does offer it through other Christians and that is where most of us have a hard time accepting the correction.

Here is how godly correction should work:
A woman has a problem, a situation with a family member or friend that is causing grief, and needs some godly advice. So she asks, lays out the situation and gives her take on what is going on. Another godly woman takes that situation to God in prayer and then shows the first woman what God’s Word says specifically about her situation. Not only that, but God may also reveal some other dangers in attitude that are not God-honoring and that must be dealt with.

Now it’s up to that first woman to examine that instruction and correction in the light of scripture and see what God desires to accomplish in her life and situation or to reject it, and in rejecting it, reject God’s working in her life.

Yes, it’s hard to hear the truth sometimes, especially when it comes from another woman. But hearing and obeying correction is a mark of maturity and maturity in Christ comes both through the working of the Spirit in us and our willingness to be changed. Proverbs 3:11-12 tells us that we are not to despise correction. When we are not willing to bend and grow, our maturity is slowed and so is our ability to please God. God is pleased with obedience.

Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you? ” Luke 6:46

There is consequence for not listening and obeying God’s Word. Look closely at these verses:

How I have hated instruction, And my heart despised correction!
~ Proverbs 5:12

Correction is grievous to him who forsakes the way: he that hates reproof shall die.
~ Proverbs 15:10

If you are feeling angry at godly instruction and correction, if you feel indignant at gentle and faithful reproofs, you are in the same court as the one in Proverbs who hated instruction and despised correction and you are in danger. Do you automatically assign bad motives to the one bringing the correction? Are you instantly defensive and angry? This is a very serious indicator that something is wrong in your spiritual life.

A child of God must learn to love correction for correction brings about a realization that a change in character or thought processes is in order. Correction awakens us to our need for God to work in us and make us like Jesus. Correction is not meant by God to belittle us or to embarrass us, it is meant for our good. Those who resent correction the most are the ones who think more highly of themselves and less of God’s desire to work in their life.

If you are not guilty as charged, then there is no reason for you to be defensive. If the correction is just then this is an opportunity for you to move forward in sanctification and growth in Christ.

Correction and reproof offend our pride. It is double-minded for us to see the faults and needs in others and not be open to receiving correction in our own life. The meek and gentle Christian woman will pray that God will keep her still and help her to listen to the whole story. Then she will examine herself and situation in light of scripture to see what God says to her and allow Him to work in her.

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