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Old Fashioned Recipes cover

“Old-Fashioned Recipes” eBook

What makes a recipe “old-fashioned”? How old does it have to be? How many times has it been used? The type of ingredients in the recipe? Or is it just a quaintness that one seems to feel when reading and making the recipe?

I think old-fashioned recipes have to differ from new recipes in two major ways. They must use ordinary ingredients and have a modern counterpart that everyone is familiar with. These recipes are not only old-fashioned, they are old recipes that have been handed down through your family. They use common ingredients, aren’t particularly exotic, but they are tried and true and mighty tasty! You’ll get a kick out of this eBook. I cover old-fashioned recipes from homemade butter to chocolate cookies to chicken pot pie to tips on cooking over an open fire! –Sylvia

My 18-page eBook covers these topics (and more!):

  • How to make sugar from beets
  • Southern Red Beet Cake
  • Canteloupe recipes
  • Chocolate cravings? Multiple recipes!
  • Dutch oven biscuits
  • Calico beans
  • Navy bean soup
  • Rice pudding
  • Rolls, wonderful dinner rolls
  • Mammy’s tea cakes
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Recipes for tomatoes, apples and onions
  • Coffee can bread
  • Cooking over an open fire
  • Homemade sauerkraut
  • Homemade coffee substitutes from times of hardship
  • And more!

Price: $5.00.
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Homekeeping 101 cover

“Homekeeping 101” eBook

Often today, women begin homekeeping without the luxury of already having the knowledge they need. They have to learn as they go, a little here and a little there.

Thirty years ago, when I became a wife and started keeping my own home, I was already prepared and had trained for my new career. My Mother and Grandmother taught me with diligence and care all the homemaking skills that I would need for this new era in my life.

Since I can’t come and teach you in person, this eBook will teach you some basic homekeeping skills. –Sylvia

My 21-page ebook covers these topics (and more!):

  • Help with Creating Routines for Cleaning Rooms
  • Cleaning Methods for Rooms
  • Bed-Making Tips and Methods
  • Basic Household Schedules
  • Natural Cleaners
  • Essential Oils: A Primer
  • Deep Cleaning Routines
  • Laundry Primer and Tips
  • Special Laundry Needs: Wool Care & Ironing
  • Caring for Rugs
  • Household Tips
  • Washing Dishes
  • Recipes — Roasting Chicken, Making Stock, Boiling Eggs, Homemade Crackers and more!
  • Tips for Cleanliness

Price: $5.00.
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homekeeping lists for the chronically ill and disabled cover

“Homekeeping Lists for the Chronically Ill and Disabled” eBooklet

If you have a chronic illness or disability, I understand how difficult it can be to get your home cleaned to your personal specifications and keep it clean. This eBooklet will help you work around your disability or illness and still get things done. –Sylvia

This eBooklet includes:

  • Introduction to what the eBook covers and how it can help you
  • Major Decluttering Helps
  • How to Get Help
  • Discussion of Work and Rest
  • The Homekeeping Daily Lists — help for each day!
  • Ideas and Methods to Make Housekeeping Easier

Price: $3.00.
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“Spring Cleaning” eBook — with printables!

Each year at CHK, we offer a comprehensive De-Cluttering and Organizing series including daily to-do lists for our annual Spring Cleaning Event. In 2009, we took all our Spring Cleaning posts and printables and combined them into an eBook… for you! We hope this eBook will help you accomplish your Spring Cleaning goals, no matter when you set out to do them. –Sylvia

The CHK Spring Cleaning eBook includes:

  • Instructions for detailed de-cluttering and cleaning of each major area in the house.
  • Spring Cleaning Printables to help you organize your thoughts and tasks.
  • Encouragement to help you get through the Spring Cleaning tasks.

Price: $3.00.
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