My Onions Wear Panty Hose

Sometimes they wear them all winter.  onions 1 words

Here’s how to store onions in panty hose. Storing them in hose allows for air circulation and keeps the onions from touching each other. When you store onions where they can touch each other, its easy for them to start getting soft, then rot.

You can use panty hose, just cut off the legs, or you can use knee highs which is what I used this time.

Another way to store onions is to braid their stalks together and hang them. These onions didn’t have long, sturdy stalks so I opted to store them in hose. Onions can also be stored in flat boxes in cool areas after they have dried completely. 

onions 2





onions 5





First, be sure you are using onions that have a thoroughly dried stalk. If the stalk is green let it dry some more before storing them. I had several onions that had both dried and green stalks on them. I used them to make minced, dehydrated onions. Only the onions that had completely dried stalks were stored in hose. After you harvest your onions, allow them to air dry for several weeks before storing them in this or any other way.


onions 3






Next, rub off excess soil and dry onion skin. Don’t peel off any paper, it is a protection for the onion. Trim off the roots but don’t cut into the onion itself. Trim off the dried stalk.

onions 4





se and tie a tight knot in the hose on top of the onion.  Drop another onion in and tie another knot. Most knee highs will hold 4 or 5 onions and leave you enough space for hanging the hose either on a nail or tie a piece of twine to the top and hang it that way.
Drop the first onion into the toe of the ho

onions 6






Hang the onions in a cool, airy, dry place. Every time you need an onion, just snip on off below the knot.



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12 Responses to My Onions Wear Panty Hose

  1. Patrice Lindsey says:

    You can twist the panty hose and put a twist tie or string around the twist to seperate the onions in the panty hose. This will allow the panty hose to be reused as long as none of the onions spoil in the them. It’s best to hang them opening side down so as you undo the twist tie or string the onion will drop out of the leg. 🙂

  2. Brindusa says:

    What a neat trick! I’m going to try it! 🙂

  3. Vicki says:

    Great idea. Again amazing to me you have onions already. Do you have suggestions for potatoes? I had so much waste this past winter, I obviously did something wrong. We moved so my set up is a little different than previous but still…I hate the waste and we love potatoes.

    • Sylvia says:

      Vicki, potatoes need a dark, cool place and the potatoes shouldn’t touch each other for best results. My Grandfather used to store them under his house on burlap bags. I have stored them in a cool cellar and a cool basement on shelves. I hope you will have better luck this year!

  4. Jennifer B. says:

    Looking forward to trying this. Thanks for the great tip!

  5. Gail says:

    You always have such useful information on your blog Sylvia. Aren’t onion a wonderful veggie? They can really enhances so many recipes and this is a great way to store them.
    Blessings Gail.

  6. Jilly says:

    Thank you for this Sylvia! I have always wondered why my onions wet off; I shall do this with the next lot of onions I buy!!

  7. peacewing says:

    What a wonderful idea!