Deep Cleaning The Living Room

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Here are the step by step instructions for Deep Cleaning the Living Room. If your living room doesn’t need a deep cleaning, just be very thankful and use the Living Room Cleaning System listed later on this page!

Deep Cleaning The Living Room

The living room or den is the room where a family does most of their, well…. living. Its a busy room and takes a lot of wear and tear. So, it can usually stand a good cleaning any time you want to give it one.

Begin by picking up the room and using your 4 bags/boxes/baskets like we did in the master bedroom. Get everything out of this room that doesn’t belong. Sometimes I place personal belongings in a basket and tell the children to come get their things in the next ten minutes or the things are leaving home

Make a pan of hot soapy water or use the kitchen sink.

Once you get the room emptied of stuff that doesn’t belong, take up nicnacs and decorative items.

Clean and wash picture frames and nicnacs, set them out to dry.

Take down the curtains and take up the rugs, wash them if possible or hang them out to air.

Take up tablecloths, doilies, all fabric coverings and pillows; wash and dry if you can or air dry.

Wash down the door frames, window frames, baseboards, all woodwork, ceilings and ceiling fans.

Wash windows

Clean off shelves, rearrange books, wipe down the shelves while they are empty.

Clean up work areas. Organize work materials.

Organize movies, cds and dvds, organize the whole tv/entertainment area

Dust all furniture, polish if needed

Move out furniture if possible, if not just clean around and under as best you can.

Vacuum upholstered furniture

Vacuum floors, sweep and mop, polish wood floors

Replace rugs and curtains

Replace furniture covers if using and pillows

Arrange magazines, papers, books that don’t have a shelf. A basket might be nice, or simply stack them up neatly.

Replace nicnacs and pictures…. do you need them all in this room?

Light some candles and relax!


Tidy Idies for the Living Room:

If you allow toys in the living room, store them in an attractive basket.
Provide a basket for newspapers and magazines.
Consider getting rid of some of the usual living room nicnacs… fewer nicnacs means less dusting…
If you will go through the living room each day and straighten the rug, straighten the sofa and chairs,the whole room will look better.

Just like I showed you for the bathroom, you can make a Room Cleaning System for the Living Room. Tape it in an inconspicuous place or in a notebook and refer to it when its time to clean.


A Sample Living Room Cleaning System

Pick up everything that does not belong in the Living Room and place in a basket. Call family members to come get their things.

Pick up everything from the floor that doesn’t belong, papers, books, etc. Put those items away.

Gather supplies: clean cloths, furniture polish, cleaner solution, broom, mop, vacuum

Dust all shelves, books, nicnacs and furniture.

Vacuum upholstered furniture, fluff pillows

Sweep floors, mop or vacuum

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