Frugal Christmas Blessings For YOU!

Over at the Christian Homekeeper FaceBook Group we’ve been putting together all kinds of frugal ideas for Christmas. You can find ALL the ideas here. There are a LOT of great ideas on that page!red-bird small

Here is a sample of the ideas:

* If you have well treated house plants like aloe vera, spider plants, or various herbs, why not do up potted plants for gifts?

*Look at thrift stores for nice coffee cups and run through the dishwasher and then use as a base for homemade gifts. I like to fill mine with hot coco mix, or tea bags.And a few pretzels dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles. A gift I often give to teachers.
* Sharing your canned up foods can be a great gift too!
 *… A friend shared how you can make an apron from an old pair of jeans! Looks easy. She used this pattern for the apron and a leg of a pair of jeans, opened up for the main part of the apron.
Molly’s Sketchbook: Adjustable Unisex Apron – The Purl Bee – Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery…
I’m thinking of making these super cute gift boxes for my nieces this year. Looks like a great way to reuse soda bottles.
Being Frugal Sally: Recycled 2 liter Bottle Penquin Gift Boxes

Go on over to the Frugal Christmas Blessings page and see what you can find………..

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