Day 7 ~ Frugal Christmas Blessings

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From Marg and Cindy ~
christmas balloons








From Sylvia ~ Some simple gift ideas from last year Save pretty glass jars and lids to put Christmas gifts in. Bean Soup, brownies in a jar, cookies in a jar, etc. , all look nice if they’re in decorative jars.

From Jennifer ~ For a young couple or someone who has recently gotten married, I one took a plastic recipe box and filled it with some of my favorite recipes. She loves is and still uses it now.

From Lori ~ To celebrate Christmas with our closest friends, we have a potluck each year. I generally host it, and as host I provide hot beverages and a hot main dish…..everyone else can bring whatever they like. Some bring appetizers, some bring desserts, some bring soda and wine…..and it changes year to year. But to celebrate Christmas with our friends we have enjoyed this tradition for over a decade….and we generally have around 20 people here, and I never have more than $20 out of pocket.

From Jennifer ~ My kids used to give my mom home made ornaments. It usually was either foam paper or construction paper with a picture of the child on it with a loop made of ribbon.

From Pam ~ Last year in October I bought a large leather crafting kit. The kids made bookmarks, key fobs, luggage tags, belts, and wallets. We learned the art of leather crafting and we gave their creations as Christmas gifts.


From Marg – Make snowflakes with puzzle pieces and a piece of ribbon. This would be even prettier with glitter.
puzzle ornament

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