Day 4 ~ Frugal Christmas Blessings

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From Sylvia –

Host a Cookie Exchange! Here’s how: This is a private post because it is info from my Christmas Planner Ebook but you are welcome to it!


From Jennifer –

Make gifts… I loved when mom would crochet things like scarves for me as well as others. In fact, I am going to try to make scarves for my kids this year.


From Gail –

Buy used books (so many look like NEW at the thrift store, plus if you buy them at a charity thrift store you are “donating” to a good cause!). Tie a stack of them up for each person on your list & make a personalized bookmark for each person. You can papercraft them or crochet or even stamp with permanent ink (or write with Sharpie) on strips of leather for masculine bookmarks. Here’s a picture of a bookmark that fits over the corner of a book page. You just need a 1 1/2″ X 6″ strip of decorative scrapbook paper printed on both sides (so you can get 16 out of a 12×12 sheet!). Fold the strip in half, open it up, then fold each end strip to the fold mark to make the pointed top. You can tape the two end strips together or make some kind of medallion & glue it across the two strips to keep the bookmark folded.


From Nada –
This may sound cruel but remember that very young children don’t really need gifts. For my daughter’s first Christmas, she was only 7 months old and all we have her was a hand-knitted stocking. At that age the paper and lights are intriguing enough. We will be doing the same for our son this year as he will only be 2 months old at Christmas. They get enough from their parents and grandparents anyway.


From Rose –

I made lotions for my boys girlfriends last year. Coconut oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils. I also made gel air fresheners for the boys. They all seemed to like them.


From Pam –

For my Christmas baking I budget a certain amount each week (ie:$20) that I use to buy ingredients for my baking over a course of about 8 weeks. This way I get the ingredients I need but it doesn’t cost me over $100 in one trip.


From Amber –

Brown paper wrapping, I always let my kids draw on brown paper bags, or if I had it a roll of craft paper. We would wrap grandparent gifts in the paper


From Cindy –
Have a t-shirt your tired of?, cut it off under the arm pits, and use the bottom half to make a fringed scarf..all sorts of directions on pinterest..and it is basically free for a sweet looking scarf, because you already have the tshirt

From Sarah –
I plan on making homemade air fresheners this year. I use orange peels, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, and water. Put them in a mason jar with instructions to boil on stove top. I also use lemon peel and rosemary. I love making lip balms, so I plan on making a few of them. I just use coconut oil and beeswax. Melt them together and pour into a small container. Its great for your lips.

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