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Cleaning The Living Room

The living room or den is the room where a family does most of their, well…. living. Its a busy room and takes a lot of wear and tear. So, it can usually stand a good cleaning any time you want to give it one.

living room

Begin by picking up the room and using your 4 bags/boxes/baskets like we have been doing all week. Get everything out of this room that doesn’t belong. Sometimes I place personal belongings in a basket and tell the children to come get their things in the next ten minutes or the things are leaving home.

Here is how I go about deep cleaning the Living Room…

  • Make a pan of hot soapy water or use the kitchen sink.
  • Once you get the room emptied of stuff that doesn’t belong, take up nicnacs and decorative items.
  • Clean and wash picture frames and nicnacs, set them out to dry.
  • Take down the curtains and take up the rugs, wash them if possible or hang them out to air.
  • Take up tablecloths, doilies, all fabric coverings and pillows; wash and dry if you can or air dry.
  • Wash down the door frames, window frames, baseboards, all woodwork, ceilings and ceiling fans.
  • Wash windows
  • Clean off shelves, rearrange books, wipe down the shelves while they are empty.
  • Clean up work areas. Organize work materials.
  • Organize movies, cds and dvds, organize the whole tv/entertainment area
  • Dust all furniture, polish if needed
  • Move out furniture if possible, if not just clean around and under as best you can.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Vacuum floors, sweep and mop, polish wood floors
  • Replace rugs and curtains
  • Replace furniture covers if using and pillows
  • Arrange magazines, papers, books that don’t have a shelf. A basket might be nice, or simply stack them up neatly.
  • Replace nicnacs and pictures…. do you need them all in this room?
  • Light some candles and relax.


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