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Armageddon Medicine

Take a look at Dr. Cindy’s site, Armageddon Medicine.  She has all KINDS of great info about first aid, medical issues, etc. and its  FREE.    armageddon med book

She also has a couple of books she offers for sale and if you’re in her neck of the woods, check out her classes. Dr. Koelker is a frequent guest on The 21st Century Homekeeper Radio program where we talk about all kinds of medical issues as they relate to prepping and to daily living.

The 21st Century Homekeeper ~ Prepping For Pets

Last week, the wrong show was playing at this link. Its all repaired now and plays the Pet Prep show! I hope you enjoy it.

How can you prepare our pets for disasters?  Sheri the Organic Pet Lady joins host Sylvia to talk about how to prepare your pets, what is needed? How to go about it? Sheri has great ideas and information about preparing your pets for any kind of disaster.   pet prep

Saturday, April 27th at 5 -m central or download the show any time after it airs and listen anytime!

The 21st Century Homekeeper ~ April 27th – Sheri The Organic Pet Lady

The 21st Century Homekeeper ~ Homesteading In Texas

Join me on April 20th  when  I talk to Shannon Stonger from Nourishing Days blog about what is going on on her homesteadND collage homestead in central Texas. Sylvia and Shannon talk about heirloom seed saving, washing clothes by hand, planting and growing in drought conditions, Community Living, why the important things in life are felt and not seen sometimes and much more. A very thoughtful conversation about living off grid and thriving.

The 21st Century Homekeeper, April 20th, 5 pm central

ladies of preppring changing face

The Changing Face Of Prepping

Put Saturday, April 13th on your Calendar!

Sylvia is joined by fellow PRN hostesses Vickilynn Haycraft and Donna Miller to talk about The Changing  ladies of preppring changing faceFace of Prepping. The The Ladies of Prepping talk about their early years of prepping, how they started, who was prepping and how it has all changed over the years. They discuss Doomsday Preppers, Internet Preppers and give some great tips and information for new preppers .

Here is the link for the show…..

The 21st Century Homekeeper – April 13

A few more links for you……….

apron haven

New Radio Show!

If you read here regularly, you know that I host a weekly radio show at Be Prepared Radio each Saturday apron havencalled The 21st Century Homekeeper.  I enjoy doing that show so much. I’ve had some great guests over the past two years and shared a lot of information about old fashioned skills, prepping and homesteading. I will be continuing on with my preparedness show at but here’s the new show…………

I will be hosting a show over at The Survival Mom called Homekeeping Haven.

Some of the things I’ll talk about on Homekeeping Haven are gardening, all kinds of food preservation methods including canning, freezing, drying food, salting and smoking; herbs, essential oils, herbal remedies; babies and children; sewing and handwork, homemade everything; farm animals and their care, chickens, rabbits, storing real-whole foods, creating order and peace in your home, nutrition for new moms, old-fashioned recipes and much, much more.

I’ll be announcing my first show and sharing links later on this month.  I hope you’ll listen in and if you have homemaking, homesteading, gardening, etc. questions, that you’ll send them to me. You can send questions to sylvia(at)christianhomekeeper(dot)org

koelker asthma collage 2

The 21st Century Homekeeper~ Asthma

Dr. Cynthia Koelker joins Sylvia again and this time they’re talking about Asthma.   koelker asthma collage 2
Saturday, April 6th, 5 pm central. Use the link to listen any time after it airs live.
Dr. Koelker talks about what asthma is, what causes it, what are some older treatments that are still effective today, what over-the-counter drugs are effective for asthma, emergency treatments for attacks, how the drugs work, what OTC drugs to store, how to talk to your Dr about getting extra prescriptions for asthma to store and much, much more. If you or a loved one has asthma, don’t miss this show.

The 21st Century Homekeeper, Saturday, April 6th at 5 pm central


Spring Has Sprung ~ The 21st Century Homekeeper


springcleaningebookscrreenshot On This week’s 21st Century Homekeeper ~ Spring Has Sprung! Sylvia offers a pep talk about prepping and living a less cluttered life that does not revolve around accumulating more and more things. Then she gives ideas and tips about all the things you can do around your home and homestead this Spring; garden, home and more. Spring Cleaning is addressed and she gives a recipe for Homemade Amish Bread and instructions for how to can chicken.

herb collage 2

Some Great Herbal Remedies You Can Make At Home

Join me on Saturday, March 23rd for an information packed show. I will share my family recipes for 12 Herbal Remedies  herb collage 2you can prepare at home including Mother’s Milk Tea, Basic First Aid Salve, Migraine Tincture, Burn Ointment, Calendula Lotion, Cold and Flu tincture, Horehound Cough Drops, Sleep Tincture, Conjunctivitis Eye Wash, Herbal Diaper Area Wash and Diaper Wash.

I will comment on each recipe telling you how I use it in my family, tips about preparation and where to find the herbs if you aren’t currently growing them. This is sure to be a show that will help you get your own herbal remedies prepared!

Saturday, March 23 ~ The 21st Century Homekeeper