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Breezy Summer Day

This is the kind of day I remember having in August when I was a child. Its been so beautiful and I thought I’d share some of what we’ve been doing around here.

We picked our apples and got a 5 … Continue reading

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Herbs You Should Plant This Year

I have a large herb collection in my garden and there are a few medicinal herbs in it that I think everyone should grow because they are so helpful. There are thousands of herbs that are helpful medicinally but these … Continue reading

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Its September!

I know, its the 2nd already. I was so busy enjoying the 1st that I didn’t have time to post about it!
This is the first and true sign that Autumn is on its way:

When the Dogwood trees set their berries, … Continue reading

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Apple Picking And Three Sisters

Well, its afternoon, the hottest part of the day. The cats have found a cool spot and the dogs are asleep. All the chores of the day are done and supper is made except for the biscuits. The Elderberries are … Continue reading

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This post is part of the Seasonal Recipe Roundup over at Gnowfglins…..  Go check out all the great Asparagus recipes!
Asparagus is a delicious spring-time vegetable that you can find nearly everywhere in groceries. I like to buy organic asparagus if … Continue reading

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First Green Beans!

These are the first little bunch of green beans we’ve gotten this year.
They are destined to be fermented and made into a  spicy snack! 

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Broccoli and Cabbage

This morning’s broccoli harvest

Fermenting Cabbage… aka kraut


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Make Violet Syrup

We’ve been picking violets and making violet syrup.  Violet syrup is tasty and can be used with other medicine to mask bad flavors. You can also use it in cooking or over ice cream… hmmm, haven’t done that yet, may … Continue reading

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