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Four More Slow Cooker Ideas

In my quest to get healthy meals made for my family this coming Fall while I am in school, here are some great ideas I’ve come up with using a slow cooker bean recipe I found online.

You can find more slow … Continue reading

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A Simple Beef Recipe – Slow Cooker

Cooking isn’t always simple, especially if you follow complicated recipes for things like casseroles or marinated foods or even big salads with lots of ingredients. This recipe is part of my Fall Menus for the Slow Cooker.
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Its A Beast

Ever see How The Grinch Stole Christmas? The Whovillians have a feast where they eat Roast Beast. Yes I know I rhymed there. Anyway, my children call roasts of any kind Roast Beast. This particular roasted pork is pulled and … Continue reading

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Getting A Crockpot System Going – With Recipes

You cook with a crockpot right? A slow cooker? I do. I have for years and years. My Mother used to use a crock pot or slow cooker back in the 70’s ! So I am very accustomed to having … Continue reading

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