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How This Bundle Of Books Can Get You Where You’re Going

I’ve always been a self-motivated learner. When there is something I need to know, I start reading and researching. When the internet happened, I was so excited because now the whole world was right there at my fingers waiting to be learned and discovered.

It was the same way when I started learning about preparedness and self-sufficiency. I learned a lot of what I know first-hand, from other people who knew and showed me how but there are a lot of things I have learned over the years that I learned by reading and then doing.

Right now the internet is covered up in articles and information about prepping and survival, homesteading and living off the land. To find all the information you need to prepare your family and yourself for disaster and emergencies you would need to search and read for many months.  So let me have the pleasure of showing you a way to get all that information in one place… The Ultimate Survival Bundle.

The Ultimate Survival Bundle contains eBooks and videos from top survival and preparedness experts. These 46 resources will help you with basic survival skills such as building fire, purifying water, shelter options, first aid, and self-defense, preserving food, protecting your home and loved ones, using essential oils, raising food in the country and in the city, basics of gun ownership and MORE.

One of the BEST things about this bundle is the fact that you don’t have to be tied down to your computer to read the books, you can transfer them to your Kindle, Smart Phone, Tablet or laptop and take  it with you where ever you go.

I’m excited about this bundle of eBooks. There are over 45 different books and 36 authors represented in this bundle. The contents of the bundle are valued at over $700 and you can get everything in the bundle for $29!

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, are you and your loved ones prepared? Can you provide the essential needs of everyone in your family?  This Ultimate Survival Bundle will help you figure out what you need and how to put it all together.

Here’s what contributor Julie Behling-Hovdal says about it, “Its like getting a Master’s Degree in preparedness for only $29”


You can get your Ultimate Survival Bundle HERE  . When you purchase your Bundle, I’ll earn a small affiliate fee that I can put back into this site and the radio show to bring you more great info.

You can also see who you’re doing business with HERE: The Ultimate Survival Bundle is an off-shoot of the website


Some Really Good Books You Should Read


You may have seen my reviews here for The Last Pilgrims and W1CK.  Go ahead and read them now so you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ll wait.

By the way… if you like the idea of reading an online version of the books but don’t have a Kindle, here is how you can get a FREE eReader to read all the Kindle books right on your own personal computer.  Free Amazon Reading Apps

So you see that I think those two books were really, really good.  I’m such a picky reader I don’t call books good unless they really are.

Now Michael Bunker has written a new book called W1CK 2 – The Charm School Oh my goodness. I was waiting eagerly for this book and I was so excited to start reading and then…. and then….. it surpassed my expectations.  I was drawn into the story again. I saw the characters in my mind and enjoyed every minute of it.

And not that I’m rubbing it in or anything, but I have gotten to pre-read W1CK 3 already for editing. Yes. You won’t believe what happens. I want W1CK 4 and 5 and on and on and on even though it might not be realistic to think the author will just keep on. But he might.

The series highlights issues of survival and preparedness, etc. and the series is leading towards an Agrarian centered conclusion in WICK 4 that ties it in with The Last Pilgrims.

So W1CK 2 – The Charm School is available NOW in either Kindle format or paperback.

AND W1CK 3 – Exodus will also be available  in E-Book format for the Kindle on Wednesday 3/13/2013

So if you go get either or any of these kindle books, W1CK ,   W1CK 2 – The Charm School,   W1CK 3: Exodus or The Last Pilgrims (Paperback) and use any of the links here, I’ll get a little monetary reward for that. If you don’t use my links, that’s fine. Just go read it. While you’re at it, get the other two books and read them first. Really, the W1CK 2 book can stand on its own but you’ll enjoy it soooo much more if you read the other two first.





The Last Pilgrims – paperback

W1CK – kindle

W1CK paperback

W1CK 2 – Charm School – kindle

W1CK 2 paperback

W1CK 3 – Exodus – kindle

Here is my review of W1CK 3: Exodus


Review of W1CK 2

I really enjoyed W1CK 1 and was eagerly waiting for W1CK 2: The Charm School  …. I was SO not disappointed! This is a fine book, worthy of a movie in my opinion and I say that because sadly more people will watch a movie than read a book.  wickbook

W1CK 1 sets the stage for the Charm School and the quaint little village of Warwick. Warwick is only quaint on the surface however, even for the inhabitants. Underneath the surface, there is an insidious evil. Warwick has also produced an unlikely hero who takes up the mantle where Clay Richter left off in W1CK 1.

New characters appear in W1CK 2 and (thankfully) though the author doesn’t spend pages and pages developing a character, you know these people and can understand where many of their motives lie. Many of the characters are endearing and many are so interesting you wonder if there will be a book about *them*.

The very real idea of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack is part of the story and because it is a real possibility in the real world, the author explains what EMP are and what they do in a separate section of the book. Before I ever got to that section of the book, the idea of EMP had already sparked interesting discussion in my family when I mentioned it was part of the W1CK 2 story. Many parts of the story made me think about my own state of preparedness and how I live. Could I do what the characters in the story had to do on a moments notice?

Because he uses current and recent events in his story, the author has put together another great book that I can discuss with my 17 year old my 27 year old and my spouse. This is a feat in itself. Without crudity or vulgarity the author has crossed generational lines and pulled together a great story that will stand the test of time in SF circles.

Oh, and the teaser chapter for W1CK 3? The icing on the cake.

W1CK 2 – by Michael Bunker

W1CK 1  by Michael Bunker


Pagoo, Paddle To The Sea and Tree In The Trail For Sale

I have three Holling C. Holling books, used, for sale.

Pagoo (soft cover)

Tree In the Trail (hardback, pagoolibrary copy, lots of wear) and

Paddle to The Sea (hardback with cover, cover is slightly torn at the top, has a price sticker on it).

They are used with lots of Home School history curriculum. These are well used books and the two hardback have lots of wear, but still in OK shape. Pagoo is in very good shape.

All three $15 plus shipping. Contact me if interested.

I can accept Paypal.

sylvia (at) christianhomekeeper (dot) com


W1CK Book Bomb Today!


Today is the day! And what is a Book Bomb you may ask?  Its a day when those of us who have read the book encourage you to go buy a copy or three so that the book will reach one of the best seller lists at Amazon and get some recognition.  I plan to buy three copies today: One for me and two to give away.  W1CK   is a stand alone prequel to Michael Bunker’s book, The Last Pilgrims. What that means is you don’t have to have read The Last Pilgrims to totally enjoy W1CK, but I think you would like it.

Clay just wants to get home. Six years ago, he moved to New York City after his wife and daughters were killed in a horrible automobile accident, and now, the day after Hurricane Sandy devastates the city and the tri-state area, Clay sets out on foot to escape both the city, and the prison of his old life there. What Clay discovers on his epic walk to freedom, will change everything… for everyone… forever.

W1CK is the story of a man who has had enough. Clay Richter is fed up and has a niggling feeling that things are not alright in the US of A.  Hurricane Sandy has just hit and people are suffering. He leaves New York city for an upstate farm armed with his trusty backpack.  The walk from the city to the countryside is filled with interesting people and situations. But the most interesting situation awaits him on the other side of a blizzard.

This is not a “prepper” story and it isn’t a “religious” story but it made me think of both my Bug Out Bag and whether or not it was really ready to go and my faith, if it is really ready to go.   And the story brought up long forgotten ideas  about a country that people my age learned to fear and suspect. The author used current events and recent books about the Soviet Union and its plans to create a fictional story that has the ring of truth.  Americans for the most part are asleep when it comes to the USSR.

In W1CK, the Cold War starts to simmer.

Go on over to Amazon and pick up a copy for yourself.  I don’t get anything for promoting this book, I’m not even using an affiliate link in this post. Its a good read and part 2 will be coming out soon.










Sometimes saying “NO” is a revolutionary act.  

Michael Bunker has written a new book called W1CK.  It is a stand-alone prequel to the book he wrote last year entitled, The Last Pilgrims.   W1CK is available on Kindle but you don’t have to have a Kindle reader to read it. You can download the Amazon Cloud Reader and read it on your computer.

I just finished reading W1CK and really enjoyed it. I was given a free kindle copy of it so that I could review it, but I am not required to give a positive review of the book.  After reading the author’s other work of fiction, The Last Pilgrims, I knew to expect something good. I was not disappointed and rather pleased at both the original story-line and the rich detail of the descriptions and narrative of the stand-alone pre-quel to The Last pilgrimsW1CK.

I guess I should first tell you that I am not a lover of fiction. I rarely read fiction.  But I’ve been eagerly anticipating Michael Bunker’s newest book, W1CK ever since it was announced that he was working on it.

W1CK and the main character in it, Clay Richter, are imprinted on my mind forever. I know when I start to “see” the characters and events in a book that its a good one. This book played out in my mind nearly like a movie. Clay’s wife and daughters are killed in a car wreck and he has been living in New York city ever since. But now as hurricane Sandy takes it toll he decides to go back upstate and live in his farm house. He takes off on foot, without a cell phone and while he journeys you feel as though you are seeing the world through his eyes. You can see what a sham the modern world is you understand his urgency to get home.

The author’s descriptions of nature and every day events are lush and add so much to the story. Simple ideas about survival and being outdoors in inclement weather suddenly pop out at you and you find yourself making plans for your own bug out bag! But don’t be thinking that this is a prepper story, its not.

The main character gets in some spots that really challenge his knowledge and his faith. But don’t be thinking this is a religious story, its not. Clay Richter is a man who has finally woken up to what is happening in his world. Its just coincidence that the same things are happening in our own world. Isn’t it?

Get W1CK for kindle.