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Sylvia is the owner of the Christian HomeKeeper Network website and ministry. She and her husband Mark live in Tennessee. They are the parents of 5 children and grandparents to three so far. They have homeschooled since 1990. Sylvia is a Christian and enjoys mentoring women, writing articles for several magazines, gardening, Bible study and creating a peaceful holy home. Follow Sylvia on Google+ or check out her 21st Century HomeKeeper podcasts on the Preparedness Radio Network.

Bay Wax Candles

Well, I couldn’t wait to burn one, so I lit two of them while we had lunch on New Year’s Day.  They smelled heavenly, bay and honey …  and like bees wax, they don’t drip they don’t smoke. Perfection! 
If you’ve … Continue reading

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Home Canning Sausage

This is a jar of my home-canned sausage. My husband’s Grandmother taught me how to can it using grease instead of broth or water. The grease, lard in this case, keeps the sausage tasting like sausage and keeps the typical … Continue reading

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I’ve got different ideas about Christmas than most people I know. Probably different from yours and that’s OK, your ideas are ok. But I thought I’d briefly share my thoughts about Christmas so that if you too have different ideas, … Continue reading

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Unmet Expectations At Christmas

For years I have written about bringing traditional values and practices back to our US  holidays. This year, I want to write to you out of my own experiences with preparing for Christmas and other holidays through my adult life. Hopefully … Continue reading

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All My Turkey Helps In One Place

All my Turkey info in one place. Plus a little more.
How To Thaw The Turkey
How To Brine A Turkey
How To Roast A Turkey
Tips For The Perfect Turkey
The Children’s Table – ideas!
Thanksgiving Lists – what to do and when
Dressing and Stuffing … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Rolls

A few years ago I made Sweet Potato Yeast Rolls for Thanksgiving.  They’ve been requested every year since then.  The recipe doesn’t have much sweet potato in it, just enough to make it nicely orange and a little sweet.

I use … Continue reading

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Sweet Gum Tincture

Disclaimer:  The instructions I offer here in this post (and in all my posts about herbs and home remedies) are what I use personally at home. Of course the standard disclaimer goes: I am not a doctor and don’t prescribe medicines or … Continue reading

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