Attitude Of Gratitude ~ December 10

attitude-of-gratitude 2013

I’m cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude. Come join me!

Today I’m thinking about all I have to do. I haven’t done the first thing toward Christmas, mainly because I have a project to finish up for my husband. Its pretty tense, I am concerned that I might not get it finished up before he has to have it.

But I am taking a break to write this down: I am grateful for Things To Do.

I’ve always had more than enough to do. With 5 children, its never been dull. But now that the children are mostly grown I realize that my friends who are older and have empty nests are right, sometimes there just isn’t anything to do. When you’re used to doing for so many people, it sure can seem that way.

Even if I didn’t have people to serve, I think I’d go find someone to serve. There is always someone who needs help. You have to look around in our culture sometimes to find that someone. And so I am thankful grateful for something to do for others today.

What are you grateful for today?
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  1. I am grateful that my now teenage sons are still loving and want to help their Mom out when I’m not feeling well. I’m OK, just a bit ragged from Asthma & Arthritis….

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