A Quick Walk Around My Garden



Spring Garden from Sylvia Britton ~Christian Homeke on Vimeo.

About Sylvia

Sylvia Britton is the owner of the Christian HomeKeeper website and ministry and began the ministry in 1997 when her husband brought home their first PC. She and her husband Mark live in Tennessee and are the parents of 5 grown children and grandparents to five so far. They homeschooled their five children from 1991 to 2016. You can follow Sylvia on Facebook or consider joining her Facebook Group called Christian Homekeepers and Like her official CHK Page on Facebook.
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9 Responses to A Quick Walk Around My Garden

  1. Sarah B says:

    Thanks for showing me round your garden Sylvia! I hope to do a lot of gardening. We have drought conditions in the Uk, mainly in the south East and midlands. We are just outside the area where there has been record low levels of rainfall. For the spring time, this is very unusual. Our garden has blossoms on the fruit trees; spinach is growing – rather, just peaking out of the soil. I have planted carrot and beetroot so far and plan to do a lot more gardening today. I’ve planed potatoes like yourself, but four rows. I have a lot of seeds growing indoors ready to be planted out. It is unusualywarm for this time of the year too.
    Thanks again. love from Sarah B

  2. Dee says:

    Sylvia, thanks for the video showing your garden. On some of the things you mentioned, I had heard of them, but I am not sure what you use them for. Of course I know the mint, parsley, and rosemary are for cooking. But what about the feverfew and some of the others you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

  3. debbie says:

    hi syliva!! i enjoyed walking in your garden with you! such nice weather you are having there, we are still in the rain and bits of snow. Its just so peaceful to walk with someone in their garden, while they explain whats here and there, what they want to do. thank you
    debbie recently posted..It’s March! Spring is almost here!

  4. Sylvia, I enjoyed that little walk SO very much! I took my coffee mug and followed you all over the yard! I could practically smell the mint and the rosemary! Hearing your sweet little southern belle voice was the perfect start to my day! :)))

  5. Shari says:

    It is so nice to see your garden. We are still having below freezing nights here and aren’t able to set anything out yet. The apricot tree is in bloom, maybe it won’t get cold enough to kill the blossoms and we will get some fruit this year.

    We just re-potted our little tomato and pepper seedlings this morning, they are doing so well. Can’t wait to get out and play in the dirt in a few weeks.

    Have a great day.

  6. Arielle , we don’t use nearly that much of the yard, we just plant very intensively and put our plants close together. There are lots of varieties of veggies that are small and actually designed for containers. Look for “Bush” varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and beans. This is the first time we’ve grown potatoes in barrels. As you can see, it doesn’t take up much space.

  7. Arielle, we live in the suburbs! We have a lot that is 150’x75′. We do have the blessing of a parent who has acreage where we grow crops like corn, but most everything we eat grows right here in our suburban garden. Glad you enjoyed the video. 🙂