A New Year Arrives

I’ve been praying for you today. Actually, I’ve been praying for everyone who comes to CHK to read and comment.

My prayer is that you will be prosperous and blessed in the new year. Prosperous in the way that God wants you to prosper, blessed in a way that only God knows you need. And that those blessings will draw you closer to Him.

We’ve had a good year here. The two youngest are doing well in school. Its hard to believe that I have just 5 more years of homeschool and I’ll be done forever. This is our 21st year and we’ve graduated three.

In the coming year my goals are to spend longer times in prayer, write more and to be more ready to obey the Lord whatever He may ask of me.

I hope you’ll keep coming to read here, and comment too! Comments let me know what you’re thinking and I like that.

God bless you. God bless your New Year.

About Sylvia

Sylvia is the owner of the Christian HomeKeeper Network website and ministry. She and her husband Mark live in Tennessee. They are the parents of 5 children and grandparents to three so far. They have homeschooled since 1990. Sylvia is a Christian and enjoys mentoring women, writing articles for several magazines, gardening, Bible study and creating a peaceful holy home. Follow Sylvia on Google+ or check out her 21st Century HomeKeeper podcasts on the Preparedness Radio Network.
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6 Responses to A New Year Arrives

  1. Carmela Webb says:

    Thanks Sylvia, whew what a full year! God’s grace alone…thanks for this place, I hope to join back in soon. I’m always encouraged.

  2. So ready for The New Year & today being a New Day!! Happy New Year to YOU too!!

  3. Fee says:

    Wishing everyone a blessed new Year! Thank you Sylvia for this site. If only you knew just how much you have helped me over the past year. I’m so happy to be a part of the CHK Community, which I am praying will continue to grow- reaching out to many more. God bless you Sylvia, and thank you.

  4. How kind of you to say that, Arielle, I appreciate it very much and I”m glad to be a blessing to you!