Meal Ideas For The Busy Parent


      I'm going back to school this Fall. Hopefully it will be my last semester there for a while and I will graduate in December. Hopefully. I panicked today thinking about meals and being gone from home all day three days a week. I've been at home all day for a long time … [Continue reading]

Everyone Needs At Least One


A Thermos, that is.  You really do need at least one and preferably a big one. There are so many things you can do with a Thermos including cooking in it. Thermos is a brand name of a product known as a "Vacuum Bottle".  I like my Thermos, though I believe now Thermos is part of Nissan. Three or … [Continue reading]

The Wisdom To Survive


If we will have the wisdom to survive, to stand like slow-growing trees on a ruined place, Renewing it, enriching it, If we will make our seasons … [Continue reading]

Preparedness Weekend Retreat In Florida


We are pleased to announce this one of a kind, hands-on event and hope you'll join us: Faith Based Preparedness Retreat Weekend February 21-23, … [Continue reading]

More Ways To Prep For Storms or Other Disasters


Just yesterday, the southern US was hit with ice storms and power outages.  Several children had to spend the night on a school bus because they got … [Continue reading]

Children And Ice Storms (Or snow or most any disaster)

ice 2

            We're in the throes of the 20 year December ice storm here in Middle Tennessee.  Every 20 … [Continue reading]

Have A Little House Christmas

tea cakes

  This information goes along with my Radio Show about creating a Little House Christmas in your home. Here is the link for the show: A … [Continue reading]

Help With Time Management


One of the things I remember from grade school way back in the day was my report card which said, "Uses Time Wisely". I always got a NO. Once I … [Continue reading]